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Huan Truong

MUII Student

Emphasis Area: Bioinformatics

Interest Area: Bioinformatics, Systems Biology


Advisor: Gavin Conant


I’m third-year PhD student doing research and teaching assistant for Dr. Gavin Conant. I am originally from Hanoi, Vietnam, I am underweight and my hobby is to take things apart. Seeing how things work fascinates me, be it computers hardware, algorithms or the human genome. Taking things apart used to merely mean “destroying hardware,” however the hobby is getting more systematic with time, age and skill.

Selected Publications


Ellison, M J; Conant, G C; Cockrum, R R; Austin, K J; Truong, H; Becchi, M; Lamberson, W R; Cammack, K M

Diet alters both the structure and taxonomy of the ovine gut microbial ecosystem (Journal Article)

DNA Res, 21 (2), pp. 115-25, 2014, ISSN: 1756-1663 (Electronic) 1340-2838 (Linking).

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