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Missouri Informatics Symposium 2017

Finding pearls in a sea of data

Informatics is often subject to the challenges of big data. One of these challenges is finding signal amongst noise in the data that informs us and helps answer a research question.

The symposium has been moved to

October 2017.

Check back soon for more information

About Missouri Informatics Symposium

The Missouri Informatics Symposium is a venue for students, researchers, academics, faculty and professionals to interact, share research, and collaborate, focusing on the latest trends in informatics. We invite the participation of anyone actively utilizing cutting-edge informatics technologies and techniques. We also encourage attendance from those who are not currently using such technologies, but would like to learn more about them. Previous year’s symposia have featured posters, presenters and attendees from biology, biochemistry, computer science, animal science, and more, and we hope to include people from such diverse backgrounds this year as well.